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Mirage Entertainment

Meeting the increasing demands of the leisure & entertainment industry in countries worldwide, Mirage is a leading influence in first-class entertainment throughout the global marketplace. More than a standard production or design company, we merge imagination and international resources with the latest performance technology to cover the full spectrum of entertainment possibilities.

Location: Los Angeles, CA Offering Type: Digital Securities Website:
35% Funded
Raise Amount: $400,000
Maximum Offering: $400,000
Minimum Investment: $25,000
Price Per Lot: $1.00 / Unit
Offering Exemption: Reg D Rule 506(c), Accredited Investors Only
Terms: 50% Discount to Series A
Round Classification: Bridge
Conversion: .75 Digital Securities : 1 Share Common Stock
Campaign Start: 09/01/2020
Campaign End: 03/31/2021
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    Founded in 1990 as a live entertainment company, Mirage Entertainment has evolved into a worldwide group of top creative partners, integrating all aspects of design, planning, consultation, management, production, and operation into a single package with demonstrated success. Meeting the increasing demands of the leisure & entertainment industry on three continents, Mirage is a leading influence in first-class entertainment throughout the global marketplace. More than a standard production or design company, we combine imagination and international resources with the latest in performance technology to cover the full spectrum of entertainment possibilities.


    We are a full-service entertainment design, consultancy, and management company with global reach. We have conceptualized, produced and/or operated some of the largest world-class projects in the entertainment industry.

    Core services that we provide include:

    Design & Development – provides master planning and turnkey design for theme parks, live shows, family entertainment centers, entertainment attractions, retail & dining, and parade floats.

    Shows & Attractions – includes full-scale production and operations. Some of the biggest and best live shows are shown in the business (immersive experiences, walk-through attractions, stunt shows, music shows, dance shows and children’s shows).

    Festivals & Events – includes event coordination and management operations of fairs, festivals, conventions, and special events.

    Film & Media – which includes professional film and media production in addition to 3D mapping content, video walls, 4D simulation theaters and rides as well as visual effects and production for live attractions, marketing videos, and commercials.

    Market Opportunity

    In 2018, more than 700 new or updated immersive experiences were catalogued in North America alone.[1] Applications ranged from adventure theme parks such as Universal and Disney, virtual reality location-based entertainment and home device markets, bars and restaurants, the haunted attraction industry, escape rooms, and even interactive art museums.

    This is an industry that is built for marketing products related to particular experiences. Recent studies show that 74% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after engaging in a meaningful brand experience.[2]

    [1] Everything Immersive This Year – 2018. Medium. December 21, 2018 (link).

    [2] Event Marketing Institute.

    We believe the fairground industry is severely underserved in this regard.

    Competitive Landscape

    The fairground industry has not had much growth. We believe that the immersive, theme-based events we are designing for the application will reach a highly receptive audience and inject a fresh entertainment solution into a fatigued industry.

    Today’s County and State Fairs are mainly agriculturally themed venues, generally featuring carnival rides, midway games, product displays, industry competitions, some elementary music or stage shows, and food and drink concessions. This popular form of annual entertainment enjoys a fairly reliable growth rate but is somewhat tradition-bound in its entertainment offerings. As such, the current lack of next-generation entertainment is limiting an obvious opportunity for expanded exploitation of the traditional Fair market across the United States.

    Fairs have a unique characteristic that runs throughout consumer demographics, which is the disposition to spend. As they enter the fair gates, attendees fully anticipate that they will spend their money on food, games, and perhaps an oddity or two from a smooth-talking vendor. However, they also know what their options are before they get there. Each year, the same food, the same games, and the same carnies come back.

    We think our immersive and engaging events will shake things up and provide a fatigued consumer base with something new. We have spoken with fair organizers that have acknowledged they have a problem. They would like to grow. As shown above, their current growth is anemic. To be sure, they have a built-in audience. But it is stagnating.


    Entertainment, amusement parks, and destination attractions have evolved tremendously over the years.

    • The 1stgeneration of amusement parks involved industrial age mechanics for simple thrills features various attractions such as rides and games.
    • The 2ndgeneration of jet-age theme parks added a storyline, revolving around a central concept and theme.
    • In the 3rdgeneration, guests will experience more than passive entertainment. We envision a multi-purpose park with endless adaptability to create the next model for the future. This will involve endlessly flexible venues, which can be easily converted to new themes and functions.

    We have entered an era where the expectation is no longer the expectation of a proscenium, but rather the expectation of a dome; the expectation that the story surrounds the consumer. “If I turn my head, I’m still in the story.”
    We intend to bring this vision to the county and state fair entertainment market, initially in the United States and longer-term, worldwide.

    Investor Presentations

    Corporate Governance


    Brad Billington

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Forward thinking accomplished executive with and a proven track record increasing sales to bring highly profitable business to the bottom line. Extensive skills in marketing, executive management, P & L oversight, and establishing new business development in both domestic and global markets. Spearheading operational efficiency to increase bottom line profits while creating a harmonious culture within the company is a key balancing point in dynamic environments. Directing operations worldwide while increasing operational productivity. Thriving in tough economic and social times by identifying new market opportunities to increase overall company profits as well growing market share worldwide.

    Charlie Kao

    Co-Founder & Chairman

    Charlie Kao has amassed an impressive record of first achievements in creative entertainment. In 1996, he partnered with Frobel Educational Co, to design and develop Jiangsu’s Frobel Land, the first Western-style theme park in China Following this groundbreaking achievement, countless more Western-style theme parks have sprung up in China to usher in a whole new industry in that market, where none had existed before!

    Financial Information

    We are a development stage company and as such, have not accrued material operating expense, nor generated any revenue to date. We are committed to best practices in shareholder transparency and will make our financial statements available to our existing shareholders, and qualified prospective investors, on request.


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