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Zapaygo is the ordering and loyalty app that saves users time, increases venues revenues and helps people stay safe. Simple to use – if you can order it, pay for it or book it, you can do it with Zapaygo, to be collected, or delivered to a table, room, home and workplace. One key differentiator is exclusive contracts with technology suppliers to larges venues, such as exhibition centers, concert halls, sports arenas, hotels and resorts. Through these contracts, we will drive a global rollout.

Location: Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham UK Offering Type: Digital Securities Website:
% Funded
Raise Amount: 2M British Pounds / $2.6M US Dollars (based on exchange rate of $1.30)
Maximum Offering: 2M British Pounds / $2.6M US Dollars (based on exchange rate of $1.30)
Price Per Lot: $1.20
Offering Exemption: Reg D 506(c) / Reg S - Accredited Investors Only
Terms: Minimum investment, 1 Lot @ $25,000 to qualified investors
Round Classification: Bridge
Conversion: 1.5 token to Share Exchange Rate
Campaign Start: 11/02/2020
Campaign End: 07/31/2021
Invest (Domestic Investors)Invest (Intl. Investors)

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    Zapaygo Investments Ltd. (the “Company”) was formed to develop an innovative digital platform (“Zapaygo”), the Food, Beverage and retail ordering app, that has exclusive contracts, which include sending orders to till systems that are used by around 60% of the U.K exhibition centres, sports, concert arenas and premier league. Combined this is over 50m transactions per year, giving zapaygo reach to millions of consumers.

    When using zapaygo there’s no handling menus money card machines queueing or missing social, sports or concert moments while waiting to make or receive orders. Users save time earn rewards and stay safe, venues improve revenues efficiency customer service and social distancing. Zapaygo is a market simplifier, so no need for dozens of apps, if you can order it book it or pay for it, you can do it with Zapaygo.

    Zapaygo has a global Rewards platform on blockchain technology in partnership with Tata consultancy services which will help us roll out globally.

    At Zapaygo we acknowledge that during these uncertain times some venues might have trading restrictions that could force them to close so we now have a delivery app where venues can request a driver that delivers food beverage, or other products. Public can even use the delivery app if they don’t feel like venturing out and simply request a driver to collect something they are buying or maybe just borrowing from a friend. Overall the current climate highlights the need for Zapaygo and its many users benefits.

    It’s easy to name a global messaging takeaway taxi or hotel booking app. If asked to name the global go-to en-route or in-venue ordering app, there simply isn’t one yet. Zapaygo can be that app using the UK as a springboard, and then the world is our oyster, in an industry that is crying out for help due to Covid-19, Zapaygo helps venues safely sell food beverage, or other products.

    Zapaygo has great Timing, Team Pricing Product Market and Deal flow. Zapaygo is already trading. As we expand around the world, we will raise strategic local investment to minimise dilution in the parent company, this company. Following this round we can accelerate growth while venues increase revenues and people Save time earn rewards and stay safe.

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    Zapaygo was formed to develop an innovative digital platform (“Zapaygo”) which, through a free mobile application, places a menu of goods or services and a pre-order, instant payment terminal in the hands of every customer. The Zapaygo app is designed to make transactions easier for consumers and more efficient for merchants. We intend to become the market-leading mobile ordering and payment platform in the sports, leisure and hospitality sectors.

    Pain Points Throughout the Value Chain

    For Consumers

    • Being queued to order, pay and wait to receive goods is too long a cycle
    • Poor ordering experience at cramped/noisy venues
    • Lack of accessibility for hard of sight/hearing consumers
    • No single go-to App for priority ordering and rewards

    For Venues

    • Order/payment processing done in direct communication with consumers leading to mistakes
    • Struggle to make the most of demand at peak times
    • Lack express lane/pre-order functionality and facilities

    For Brands

    • No go-to App for in-venue product promotion
    • Lack of customer purchase insight
    • Little in the way of customer engagement opportunities
    • Lack of know-how to implement successful loyalty programs


    • Growing pipeline of contracts with more than 1 million weekly transactions that are potential Zapaygo users
    • Increasing breadth of launch opportunities with approximately 30,000 independent venues

    We intend to be “the” single sign-on, pre-order mobile application for venues on a worldwide basis.

    Market Opportunity

    In spite of decreasing margins, global payment volumes and industry revenues have been increasing predominantly as a result of the growth of non-cash payments. McKinsey estimates the payment processing industry was worth $0.9tn in 2014. Visa/Mastercard purchase volumes in 2015 were estimated by JP Morgan to be $8.3tn globally growing annually at 15% with Europe contributing $2.6tn and exhibiting similar growth rates; and as part of this, global mobile payments are expected to continue to grow by 35% in volume and value every year, already reaching £470bn by 2018.

    Due to the health concerns around infectious diseases such as COVID-19, merchants and
    Governments are looking for ways to keep customers safe, without losing the level of service.
    The new normal is no longer sitting at bars or waiting in queues, but it’s now sitting at tables and ordering from apps.

    Expected Market Disruptors
    Before COVID-19, non-bank and non-cash digital entrants were set to transform the end-customer experience, reshaping the payments and broader financial services landscape.
    The payments industry has recently seen the entry of diverse non-bank digital players, both
    technology giants and start-ups, that are presenting increased competition for more traditional
    payments platforms. Due to the prominence of smartphones and rapidly evolving customer
    expectations, these entrants are able to maintain customer relationships whilst staying relevant when responding to market changes.

    Modernization of domestic payment infrastructure is underway
    The industry is going through a wave of infrastructure modernization and is required to compete effectively with non-bank innovators and address evolving customer needs. More than 20 countries modernized their payments infrastructure in the last few years via POS upgrades and banking upgrades to allow contactless and MPOS sales. Because these upgrades are cost intensive, institutions need to build products and services on top of the infrastructure that provide value to the end customers.

    Mobile Payments
    Payments growth is currently a global phenomenon, and the digital revolution is altering customer behavior and changing regulatory environments, giving further impetus to transaction related revenue. Partly in response to this payment processing activity is quickly shifting to electronic platforms and this trend is forecast to increase year on year for the foreseeable future.

    Target Applications
    Our target markets are the event and venues market and food and beverage, initially.
     Arenas & Stadiums. More than $65 billion in revenue in 2018 on event tickets alone (music, sports and cinema), and expected to grow to more than $105 billion by 2023. 86 million fans attended Live Nation Events in 2018.
     Nightclubs and Bars. More than 37,900 nightclubs and bars in the UK.
     Restaurants. More than 86,600 restaurants and mobile food services venues in the UK.
     Coffee Shops. More than 25,400 cafes and coffee shops in the UK.
     Theme Parks. More than 35 million visitors attend the UK’s theme parks and museums each
     Convention Centers. More than 85 million people attend more than 1.3 million events in the
    UK each year at more than 10,000 venues. The overall industry is estimated to be £42.3

    Of a total of 456,250 live retail and leisure units in the UK, we estimate there are more than 300,000 merchants who could benefit from our solution.

    Competitive Landscape

    We compete against conventional payment methods in addition to a growing number of in-house app-based order systems and dedicated pre-order apps.

    We believe the convenience and feature rich aspects of the Zapaygo app, in addition to its flexibility in accommodating transactions across participating venues on a global basis makes our offering more attractive to the key stakeholders in the Zapaygo value chain – consumers, merchants, venues and brands.

    We intend to launch in the UK, leveraging strategic technology and venue partners that will enable us to scale. In addition to offering a superior pre-order platform, we will maintain a competitive advantage in the market by developing and introducing new features that meet the needs of our stakeholders – including marketing tools, processing capabilities, deeper analytics, and ancillary services.

    Chains are making their own apps, and this is great news for Zapaygo as their main objective is to sell food and beverage via any channel they can. They are educating public staff and creating tech ready to receive orders from Zapaygo’s users.


    We intend to leverage our platform technology to scale, offering customers and strategic partners the built-in flexibility that enables the introduction of new features that will allow them to maintain a  leadership amongst competitive alternatives in the market.

    Our partnership strategy is to identify resellers and strategic partners to support technical integrations, and continued advancement of our feature-set and value proposition. Channels in development include EPOS providers, banks, till manufacturers, supply chain, integration-based customer management and payment platforms.

    Our plan is to rollout initially across the UK, with a focus on making the Zapaygo App the one-stop app for ordering and playing for goods and services in our target markets. We believe our partner-led strategy will accelerate user acquisition and the Zapaygo installed-venue footprint. This strategy is key to our success and planned expansion into other sectors and countries.

    Additional services that we intend to add to the Zapaygo platform include:

    • Managed marketing campaigns
    • Payment processing
    • Brand placement
    • Loyalty schemes
    • Delivery
    • Data & analytics
    • Crypto to fiat conversion at the point-of-sale
    • Cash reconciliation, and
    • General advertising

    Corporate Governance

    The Zapaygo Board and Advisors (the “Company”) set high standards for the Company’s employees, officers and directors. Implicit in this philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to serve as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders and to oversee the management of the Company’s business. To fulfill its responsibilities and to discharge its duty, the Board of Directors follows the procedures and standards that are set forth in these guidelines. These guidelines are subject to modification from time to time as the Board of Directors deems appropriate in the best interests of the Company or as required by applicable laws and regulations.

    Commitee Charters

    Coming Soon.



    Steve Brice, Chairman. Steve has a successful track record in the hospitality and venue management sector. He is CEO of Pharaoh Limited who focus on assisting venues and events. Prior to this he was Vice President of Premium Seating Europe AEG and Business Operations Director at AEG. Steve was also head of Hospitality at Arsenal football club.

    Richard Dilworth, Founder & Vice Chairman. Richard has a successful track record in business and finance. He is an equity partner at Foster & Partners and is also an Advisory Partner at Alantra Corporate finance, the Spanish listed investment bank and global mid-market specialist. He is a strategic advisor to Future Planet Capital, a UK private equity firm. Richard also sits on the Advisory Board of Polysolar. He is a Trustee of two specialist charities and a founder member of the Appeal Board of a UK cancer charity.

    Elliot Hall, Founder & CEO. Elliot has been in the leisure and entertainment industry for over 23 years. Elliot has been a major shareholder director and/or CEO in over £400m worth of leisure companies, ranging from Casinos, Bingo Hall, Theme Parks and Tourist Attractions.

    Gavin Lilley Founder & CTO. A highly versatile software professional with a strong possess a  strong work ethic and focus on delivery. Gavin has 15 years of commercial development experience as a full stack developer and have spent the last decade of his career contracting or in managerial positions. Gavin understand the Internet and what makes it work and have a passion for producing high-quality software and possess strong leadership skills, general commercial skills and business acumen in addition to a natural technical foundation. Gavin is an experienced technologist with a proven track record in planning, leading large-scale IT implementations into blue chip, within Fintech, Health, Energy, Telecommunications & eCommerce sectors.

    Brian McClafferty. Growth Strategy. An experienced entrepreneur who launched his first company, a local social media site, at 19 yrs. old in 1999. He went on to run his own marketing and events business for seven years, before joining the award-winning company that marketed the recruitment of volunteers for the London Olympics. Brian founded a SaaS solution for the construction industry, replacing paper with mobile devices and raised investment and won awards for a number of blockchain start-ups. Today he is helping Zapaygo accelerate its global presence through fundraising and building strategic partners.

    Saleem Lodhi, Head of Risk. Saleem is a CIMA qualified Senior Manager specializing in developing and rolling out controls frameworks (IT and Financial), risk assessments, and ensuring Sox compliance across banking and financial services, for various industries. While at RBS, Saleem was responsible for providing IT risk and control advice. At Jefferies Investment Bank he was Head of Internal Audit (Operational and IT Audit) and Sox compliance responsible for all international operations. Saleem held similar IT/Risk roles at PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, Shell, Lloyds Bank, John Lewis Partnerships and Tui Travel.

    Mark Boote, Founder & CFO. Mark has considerable financial experience and has held roles including Regional Director Finance at Marriott. He currently holds the role as Finance Director of Badminton England and is also Managing Director of Proactive Finance Consultancy. Mark has been CFO of Zapaygo for the last four years.

    Mike Fisher, COO and Head of Corporate Partnerships. Mike is an experienced Sales & Marketing, eCommerce, and Transformation leader with diverse experience across the Hospitality Retail and Drinks Wholesale Industries. He has a proven track record in developing and delivering effective business strategy, transformational change programs and leading digital projects successfully achieving enhanced customer experience and profit growth. Mike is accomplished in building high performing sales and marketing teams,
    mentoring, and developing talent and collaboration across business functions and external providers.

    John Morton, Group Technology Officer. John brings more than 20 years of experience and expertise in technology leadership exploiting software, data and technology driving innovation and transforming organizations in such industries as financial services, utilities, telecommunications, and retail. John has global experience in holding senior director roles for Fortune 100, FTSE30, Joint Ventures and Government (UK and elsewhere). In such roles he has set Technology strategy leading all aspects of creating and bringing new systems to market in addition to experience in technical and commercial reviews for mergers, acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and divestments. John holds a number of board advisor roles to start-up and
    high-tech innovation companies. John is a noted international speaker on technology, digital
    transformation, Big data analytics and Information Management.

    Louise Beckett, Executive PA. Having worked in various different industries across her career as a PA, Louise brings tremendous experience to the team. Working as Executive PA to the CEO and Founder, Louise will be instrumental in ensuring projects run on time as well as assisting the wider team and the business move forward for growth.

    Michelle Siddy, Head of Sales & Marketing. Michelle joins the team as Head of Sales & Marketing and brings with a deep background and expertise in Operations and Marketing with various large international companies.

    Julian Gibbins. Julian brings nearly 20 years’ experience in M&A, strategy, and business development experience in international payments. Julian was instrumental in helping First Data grow its global footprint into 21 countries.

    Spencer Wright. Spencer brings more than 25 years’ experience in accountancy, business advisory and corporate finance services to the owner managed and SME business market. Extensive network of business and professional contacts across the East and West Midlands market. Specialties: Mergers and acquisitions, management buy-outs, company sales, fund raising, due diligence and business strategy. Sector specialism – Building Products and Technology.

    Martin Grisman. Martin is COO at Matthew Clark and Director at EVO Business Supplies Limited. He is an operations professional with a broad base of experience in significant complex FMCG businesses and the U.K. On Trade. Successful in managing major change programs designed to improve performance and customer focus.

    Geoff Gwynn. After leaving the Royal Air Force, Geoff has spent over 30 years in sales, marketing and business development working with organizations ranging from complete start-ups to high growth Fortune 500 in the UK, Europe, and the USA. His role within Zapaygo is to support the leadership team to achieve the highest quality and compliance standards. Previously Business Partner at Elephants Child.

    Graham Higgins. Graham is a highly respected Commercial Director in the UK outsourcing market with over 20 years’ experience in the design, sale, delivery, and operation of BPO and Credit Management solutions across a range of industry sectors. Graham has been a Select Member of the CICM (Chartered Institute of Credit Management) ‘Think- Tank’ since 2008 and a Finalist in the British Credit Awards.

    Stephen Scott. Stephen is a shareholder and advisor to Zapaygo. He is also Executive Vice chairman at Rothschild Investor Advisory and is an equity capital markets professional with experience of advising corporate clients on their engagement with investors in both secondary markets and during transactions.

    Rodney Prescott. Rodney’s specialties: Digital and Crypto currencies, blockchain, EFT payments, including ATM and EFTPOS, Usage Base Insurance, Telematics, Software robotics, Payments, Agile Development, DEVOPS, WEB, Mobile, digital Agency, Distributed teams, cloud, Advertising, New Media, Project and Program Management, Prince 2, decommissioning Legacy infrastructure, Data Communications, Internet, ISP, Routing, Carrier Billing, VOIP, WIMAX, WIFI, Outsourced teams, Interbank Settlement, CRM, Financial Management, Legacy systems, SNA, Mainframes, Mid-range Unix, LINUX, virtual Machines and
    Virtualization. Rodney Prescott previously o PWC, Ernst & Young, and Commonwealth Bank has become part of the Zapaygo team, as our Official Blockchain advisor and company ambassador. Rodney also advises QREDO a digital asset custodian that will be looking after the company’s ZAPS.

    Mark Kelly. A background in compliance most notably as Head of Compliance for Coinbase in the UK. Interim Head of Compliance for eToro and currently runs regulatory Advice Limited. Recent positions include Abide Financial, Grant Thornton and Global Head of IT Audit at Barclays Capital.

    Financial Information

    We are a development stage company and as such, have not accrued material operating expense, nor generated any revenue to date. We are committed to best practices in shareholder transparency and will make our financial statements available to our existing shareholders, and qualified prospective investors, on request.

    Annual Results

    Coming Soon.

    Investor FAQ

    What is Zapaygo?

    • Zapaygo is a free Smart Phone application.
    • Zapaygo places an ordering and payment terminal in the hands of every customer.
    • Zapaygo allows all kinds of venues, wholesale/retail environments and service providers to take cashless payments with no infrastructure changes.
    • Zapaygo provides a media platform for businesses and brands to communicate with their consumers in a way they have been unable to, until now.
    • Zapaygo enables brands and retailers to reward loyalty and receive a greater depth of consumer purchasing habits and patterns.

    Who can use Zapaygo?

    Anybody that wants to save time when pre-ordering, ordering or paying for a product or service.

    What does it cost?

    Zapaygo is free to download.

    Are there any fees to using Zapaygo?

    The venue pays similar fees to credit card transaction fees, but if the venue chooses to, they can pass on part of this cost to the customer as part of a premium service offering, or they can choose to bear that cost themselves.

    Are payments companies like Apple/Samsung/PayPal/Alipay etc, competitors?

    No they are all complimentary as they will be ways to check out, payment companies have spent hundreds of millions educating the world it is OK to pay by mobile!

    Are chains of venues not stealing the market with their own Apps?

    No, this is great news, chains are educating consumers ready for Zapaygo, due to our exclusive signed contracts in the UK we will get millions of users. The chains will take orders via Zapaygo into their own systems via API’s, why wouldn’t they, they want to sell products. Chains are now starting to spend millions educating the world it is OK to order by mobile!

    What are the benefits to consumers?

    • Order in advance of arrival at venues and beat the queues.
    • Order from the table and save leaving friends, family work colleagues or missing an event.
    • “fast track “ collection of orders.
    • Maximizes Consumers use of time – that precious commodity.
    • Pre-order meals assurity of meal (no out of stock)
    • Digital Receipt provided.
    • Privacy in built to Zapaygo design securing your details
    • Ability to send messages with an order e.g. Son’s birthday, Allergens
    • Take advantage of exclusive offers and vouchers.
    • Get rewarded for loyalty by brands/venues.
    • No need to take cash/cards when going out.
    • Explore great new venues.
    • Keep track of spending via our e-receipt feature.
    • Improves table service.
    • Improves consumers journeys in today’s hectic lifestyles
    • Free smart phone application.
    • Various other benefits will be introduced in future versions.

    What are the benefits to businesses?

    • Increased revenues due to ease of ordering service.
    • Less time collecting cash and more time delivering exceptional experience (up to 15% of a servers time).
    • Better collection of payment.
    • Better forecasting of consumers needs – less out of stock, less environmental wastage, right level of workforce, maximize profitability.
    • Digital Receipts allowing automated settlement and reconciliation of Zapaygo purchases.
    • Less cash to be handled on site via pre-orders and cashless payments.
    • Captures key data about customers and their spending habits.
    • Up-selling opportunities – multiple purchase/rounds/pitchers/food.
    • Reward customer loyalty with deals/discounts/promotions/cashback.
    • Targeting consumers at “sweet spot” times of the day.
    • Develop new customers by offering deals/vouchers/loyalty programs.
    • Reduces queues and allow customers to get served quicker.
    • Access to market customer via push notifications.
    • Better communicate with customers to reinforce loyalty.
    • Targeted product placement within the App.

    If everybody uses zapaygo surely there will be queues for Zapaygo?

    When using Zapaygo, either the drink gets delivered to you or you collect it when the order is ready. Therefore there is absolutely no queuing unless you arrive too early before your purchase is ready.

    Ordering means that if there is a queue, you are in a systemic queue and it is assured delivery. Disabled, infirm and elderly can all benefit from Zapaygo taking the stress out of the leisure experience.

    Are there any fees to businesses using Zapaygo?

    The venue pays similar fees to credit card transaction fees, but if the venue chooses to, they can pass on part of this cost to the customer as part of a premium service offering, or they can choose to bear that cost themselves.

    How secure is the payment process?

    Our payment process meets PCI standards, which means it’s just as secure as the card transactions you make every day.

    Will financial data be stored securely?

    Yes. Your credit card information is never stored on your mobile or Zapaygo servers, or transferred to merchant systems, making Zapaygo even safer than carrying around a card or cash.

    Is it easy to use?

    We think so. We’ve made it intuitive and user friendly, and we’re constantly trying to improve, so feedback is always welcome. You will soon also be able to order via voice. Our aim is, and always will be, efficiency of ordering and delivery. Our technology is constantly being reviewed and improved towards this goal.


    Thank you for your interest in Zapaygo. Please fill out the below fields, as you see fit, and someone will respond promptly.

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